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Staycations. Crafted for you. Inspired by you.

We are a Dubai-based Online Travel Agency with a simple motto in mind: Staycations. Crafted for you. Inspired by you.

And this motto is our guiding principle to achieve our vision:
To become the key to your next getaway.
At StayK, we understand that time is of the essence. Time to unwind. Time to create memories. Pausing in time. And the notion of time is quite unique in the UAE; time is flying. We live fast paced lives, and it feels that this pace is intrinsically linked to the Nation’s vision; always moving forward, always a step ahead into the future.
We crafted StayK with a purpose in mind: for you, the citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates, to spend less time searching for your next staycation in the UAE, and only time to enjoy it.
We believe that picking a hotel for a staycation is completely different than picking a hotel for a vacation: for a staycation, the hotel becomes the destination itself.
This is why we are carefully handpicking the hotels that have the facilities, the décor, the restaurants,
the service and a “je-ne-sais-quoi” that makes it a staycation-fit hotel.

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