28th Jan, 2024

3 reasons why a staycation is the best Valentine s Day Gift

A staycation (in our humble unbiased opinion :) ) is one the best gift for Valentine’s Day. And we’ll keep it short and sweet: here are 3 reasons why we think so:


1 - The gift of time

When gifting something material for Valentine’s Day, the excitement is just temporary: you give the gift, you make your loved one happy, and that’s pretty much it.

When gifting a staycation, you give your better half and yourself the gift of time: the time to spend quality time together, time to re-discover each other, endlessly, and, time to fall in love with one another again during this suspended moment in time.

A staycation is a gift that is long lasting in time: in the actual moment of the staycation and after the staycation, a memory will you both cherish forever.

2 - A gift that keeps on giving

Gifting a staycation is a gift that keeps on giving. Depending on which staycation destination you pick, you can also gift a spa experience, an intimate dinner, a floating breakfast…possibilities are endless to keep on surprising your better half.

3 - The gifting experience is a gift in itself, with StayK

At StayK, we believe that the gifting experience is as important as the gift itself.
Usually, when purchasing an experience, you are left with giving that gift by showing the booking confirmation, or a digital or printed PDF voucher or a printed carton envelope.

We thought it was time to offer you something a little different, a little more special, that elevate the gifting experience to the gift given.

For Valentine’s Day, we have crafted a one-of-a-kind staycation gift box to gift to your better half.
Imagine gifting a dainty gold plated key necklace in a beautiful jewellery box.
At first, your loved one will appreciate the jewellery, and then only, you will share the exciting news that it is actually: “the key to your next getaway”.
We left out our brand name on the box, on purpose, not to give away any clue on what is this jewellery box really about :).

And it also acts as a memento, of the beautiful staycation experience you shared for Valentine’s Day.

You can now pre-order your limited edition staycation gift box after booking your staycation experience on StayK, valid for stays during the month of February 2024. Send us an email to wecare@stayk.ae and mention “I want the key” to be registered unto the waitlist.




28th Jan, 2024

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