25th Oct, 2023

Why do a couple staycation?


Taking a staycation as a couple can be questioned. You will not be discovering a new destination together. Learning about a new culture together. Discover a new cuisine together. So why would you take a staycation as a couple?

It is about taking time, together.

Time to escape the perfectly timed routine of your daily life. Between commuting to work, work itself, social events and activities, with your better half or with friends and family. Sometimes - and often - you need to take your couple outside of the comfort of your daily environment, and let it experience something else.

This is what a staycation is made for. To disconnect from your daily life and take time to reconnect with one and other.

And the best thing about taking a staycation as a couple is that you are not pressed by time.

You are able to enjoy your time however you want whenever you want. Much different from when you are on a vacation, as you need to go by a schedule in order to make the most of a new destination.

Take your time cooking or ordering room service and spend time delighting your tastebuds. Without the downside of loading the dishwasher or cleaning up the dishes afterwards like at home.

Take your time walking by the beach or beautifully manicured gardens. Without having to take a drive back home.

Take your time to laze in bed. Telling each other old stories about yourself, new ones, (re)sharing your dreams, and hopes for the future of an always better and fulfilled life together. Without the urge of doing duties around the house.

Because after all, we can never really fully know someone and even so ourselves. Because we perpetually evolve and grow. So there will always be something to share about ourselves, with each other.

So, take the time to discover and re-discover each other. Endlessly. And fall in love with one another under a new light.

We believe these are one of the few reasons why you should do a staycation as a couple in the UAE.



25th Oct, 2023