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December 27, 2021

What is StayK?


This is StayK

StayK is a Dubai-based Online Travel Agency, that will be offering staycation offers in the UAE.

StayK’s idea sparked in 2019, because already back then, staycation was part of the UAE citizens' and residents' lifestyle.

However, there are very few Online Travel Agencies focusing on offering UAE citizens and residents deals, which makes the search for a staycation time consuming and sometimes, confusing - does the hotel offer any staycation deals? How/where can I book those deals? Does the hotel fit for a staycation? What facilities at this hotel make it a staycation experience?

So many questions yet so few platforms to answer all these questions in one place - making you consistently jump from a review website, to a hotel website, to social media, and so on and so forth.

This is what sparked the idea of StayK - for you spend less time searching for your next staycation and only time to enjoy it!

And our motto was formed from this reflection: Staycation, Crafted for You, Inspired by You.

At StayK, we will always make it about you.

We will only offer you hotels that are “staycation-fit” - that feeling of unplugging from your daily life the moment you step-in, having the facilities and the decor that makes you want to spend your whole time at the property, and the restaurants that will delight your tastebuds.

We believe that picking a hotel for a staycation is completely different than picking a hotel for a vacation: for a staycation, the hotel becomes the destination itself.

This is why we are carefully handpicking the hotels that will be offered on StayK - visiting each and every one of them in person before deciding if it is a “staycation-fit” hotel.

We are lucky - the United Arab Emirates have splendid hotels all around - which makes it sometimes hard for you to pick the right hotel for your next getaway. This is why on StayK we will be focusing on telling the story of the hotel. Telling you what is special and unique about this hotel. Because even though there may be some similarities between hotels, each and every hotel has their own soul and story to tell.

Now, why StayK?

All hotels will be promoted equally on StayK's website. The most expensive hotels will not have the highest ranking and visibility. You will see what you want to see: the offers that you are looking for by using the filters that have been thought of to focus on the staycation perspective.

But how can we ensure that all hotels will be promoted equally?

Simply because we will never take a commission, on any staycation you book with us. We reinvented the way Online Travel Agencies work with Hotels. To support hoteliers and support you in the booking process, by being transparent.

We want you to focus only on choosing the experience you are seeking for your next getaway.

We will never mark a rate as being “discounted”. Because it does disrupt your booking experience on an Online Travel Agency. You will be focusing on the rate rather than the experience. Both are important for sure. But even if a rate is appearing as discounted, you may find a cheaper rate somewhere else. This is why we decided not to confuse you with a rate marked as being "discounted".

At StayK, we will craft offers together with hoteliers, exclusive to UAE citizens and residents. We decided to focus on value - providing you with all the information necessary for you to choose the right hotel, crafting packages that will delight you and at different levels of budget. And we will help you through your choosing process - with a world’s first feature on an Online Travel Agency - soon to be unveiled.

This is our promise - offering you staycation experiences with value. At every budget. Because everybody deserves a staycation.

We are very excited to unveil soon the booking platform, for you to get the key to your next getaway, with the dreamt of staycation benefits - that will be offered on StayK only.

Stay tuned for our launch by subscribing to our newsletter and be one of the first to get your key.

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