20th Oct, 2023

Why do a solo staycation?


It is always a tricky step to take to do anything alone really. It is all about taking baby steps. Going to the movies alone. Grabbing a drink alone. Going for lunch or dinner alone. And the last step, would be a staycation alone.

Let’s break down together the whole reasoning behind taking a solo staycation.

Most of the time, the only reason why we are reluctant to do things alone is because we are worried about what people would say.

We will try and be rational here - doing things alone does not make you less of a social person either. It is just that as much as you enjoy the company of others, your family, your friends and your better half, you also enjoy your own.

Sometimes we can actually be alone despite having a social circle. Because we all have our own life path. Separate from our loved ones. Some friends or family members may be spending most of their time with their children. Some friends might be out of the country or not available. Some loved ones may be in committed relationships and choose to spend most of their time with their better half. Or sometimes your better half is not available. Or you could be single at the moment.

And so?

As much as we, humans, are social creatures, we should not deprive ourselves of having new experiences just for the simple fact that we are alone.

Others are not waiting for you to live their own lives. So, why should you wait?

Hoping that by now, you are convinced that if you feel like going on a staycation alone, you should just go ahead and do it, you might be sceptical as to what to do on a solo staycation?

Most hotels in the UAE do offer a plethora of activities and animations during your staycation. Should it be a sunrise or sunset yoga session, standing paddle, fitness lessons, cooking classes, calligraphy classes, and so many others.

But - you can also grab a book, one of the books you might have bought without ever reading the first page or those you started without finishing them, collecting dust on your bedside table. Or just go and get one ahead of your staycation.

Books aren’t your thing? How about writing your own story then? Grab a notebook. Let your mind wander. Make a “want list” - things you want to learn this month, something new you want to try, a new cuisine you want to learn how to cook. Or make a “to be list” - things you want to improve or reinvent about yourself.

We are so caught up with the pace of our own lives that, sometimes, we never - pause - breathe - and think.

And if you may be anxious about being bored? Let us reassure you. It has been proven that being bored helps foster creativity. Neuroscientists said it themselves - “Boredom is good for your brain”.

Our brains are overloaded with information, distractions and sollicitations on a daily basis. So taking a break, being alone, at the risk of being bored, is a great opportunity to help our overloaded brains relax.  Wandering in your own mind. Exploring the limits of your own thoughts and imagination.

So go ahead, let yourself wander, let your mind wander, and cease to wonder if it is a good idea to take a staycation alone - it just is.



20th Oct, 2023

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